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Hey Guys Alex here, just wanted to give a quick update about my journey with ClickBank Breaks the Internet product. (Screenshot of my CB Affiliate Account below) 

I bought the program at the beginning of October and just after a few weeks of being a member I started to see success.

I’ve implemented everything Justin taught inside CBU and my account started to get filled with high ticket commissions.

As you can see from the screenshot below I went from making $13 a week to over 7k  and the crazy part is for the first time in my life I have made over 4.5k in a single day.

I have to work 2 full months to make that type of income. My eyes are now opened and it’s time to scale this to the moon.

The results above are not typical and i’m not saying that you’ll see such great results because i don’t know how you’ll implement the training and use the software. But if you take massive action you too can see this type of results and why not even better. The sky is really the limit here.

CBU Overview

Whenever we talk of affiliate marketing, you will never miss a spot for the mighty ClickBank. It is among the biggest affiliate marketing marketplace on the internet. Indeed, if you have ever tried affiliate marketing, you will agree with me that it is quite a lucrative business venture. Nonetheless, joining and making good money is not a walk in the park either. You need to be equipped with the necessary skills to enjoy good returns.

So, what can you do to achieve success in affiliate marketing? One of the best options is to join a mentorship program to be equipped with the necessary skills. Fortunately, ClickBank offers one of the best training programs. It is known as ClickBank Breaks the Internet.

What is ClickBank Breaks the Internet?

ClickBank is simply an affiliate marketing program that helps individuals sell and promote products over the internet. Some of these products include software, eBooks, and online training programs. The program was founded in 1998 by Tim and Eileen Barber and has managed to attract more than 6 million clients. In an aim to diversify their operations, they introduced a new training course known as ClickBank breaks the internet. The program was designed to enable affiliates to maximize their profits in the affiliate marketplace.

Among some of the key benefits that affiliates get to enjoy in this program include unlimited access to the WebinarX software. Typically, the software helps affiliates promote their products and increase conversions for a significant amount as commission. Other benefits include webinar HQ platform and hosting, secret bonuses, expert interviews, ClickBank builder software, ClickBank market research, and many more.

Note: For a full in depth ClickBank Breaks the Internet Review head over to my blog  where i cover everything in detail.

Who is behind ClickBank Breaks the Internet

ClickBank Breaks the Internet was created by Justin Atlan. He is also the founder of Clickbank University (CBU). At the age of 18, Justin used to earn a full-time income through affiliate marketing on ClickBank before partnering with in 2014, where he created an educational training platform. Currently, the university trains over 20,000 digital entrepreneurs.

Note that all the training courses included in Click Bank University are all about affiliate marketing. Apart from that, trainees are also equipped with knowledge on how to create and sell their products.

Who should join the platform?

Although anyone can join the training program, it is ideal for individuals with prior experience and knowledge in affiliate marketing on ClickBank. The program features numerous tools and resources that are not only beginner-friendly but also says a lot about the program. Besides, experienced marketers can also find the program to be quite easy to use mainly due to its seamless mode of functionality as well as easy to follow step-by-step instructions.


If you are looking to venture into the affiliate marketing world, I highly recommend you try out Apart from being one of the best friendly platforms, learners get to enjoy numerous features, including live coaching from experienced marketers and exclusive access to insider secrets. The majority of their valuable resources ensure your success as an affiliate marketer is inevitable.

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