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  • Product Name: Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2)
  • Coaches: Daven Michaels & Chad Nicely 
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  • Verdict: 100% Worth It. 


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Lead Conversion Squared Review- LCS2 Review

Do you have a professional-looking website that gets significant traffic, but you don’t seem to get impressive conversions? Have you started a unique business with the potential to grow and generate profits, but you are struggling to get the right customers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Lead Conversion Squared may suit you. Lead generation and conversion is something many businesses struggle with, and this is where LCS2 comes to help. This online program shares secrets and tools you need to generate leads and convert these leads into customers.

I know you are interested in learning more about this program, and that’s why I will share all the details that you need to know in this LCS2 review. Of course, we will share more about this program once it gets released on 28th September 2020.


This is an online program that was created by renowned digital marketers, Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels, to help other online marketers know how to generate high-quality leads and convert them into high-paying customers.

The program shares secrets on some of the techniques you need to implement so as to capture as many leads as possible. In addition, you are trained on how to build a good relationship with your leads and customers so that they can trust you.

The program is aimed at helping online marketers know how to scale their business through a series of webinars. It is through these webinars that you will learn more secrets of how to get long-term clients as well as how to boost conversion.

To help you better understand this program, Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels are offering a 3-day Master Class. This live workshop will reveal to you crucial details of this program so that you can be able to decide whether this is the right program for you or not.


As we mentioned earlier, Lead Conversion Squared was authored by Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels.

Chad Nicely is a successful online entrepreneur, product creator, and an international speaker. He has built successful ventures, including a web design company. He teamed up with Daven Michaels to create this program that is aimed to help marketers generate more leads and convert as many as possible.

David Michaels learned business management skills by working with a business mentor from his teenage years. He has built sizeable companies, with several becoming multi-million dollar companies.

Among his most successful companies is 123Employee. In addition to being a business person, he is also an author, coach, and consultant. His satisfaction comes from helping others succeed.

Together, they worked together to create LCS2.




Would you want to generate leads then resell these leads to relevant businesses for a profit? This software will help you do that.

You see, many companies and businesses are struggling to generate leads, and this software is made in a way that helps you to generate leads easily. This is a great opportunity you can use to make money online.

Want to make more money? Why not bargain a percentage of the revenue generated by the leads you send to a business rather than getting paid a flat rate?


This includes a sales pipeline, automated lead follow-up system, text messaging system, and a powerful tagging system. All these are meant to help you capture leads and encourage them to take action.

If you have never captured leads, this system will be a game-changer as it takes care of everything you need to do to warm your leads and prepare them to become customers.


Another significant thing you get are pre-trained virtual assistants that will help you generate 1,000 leads every month. These virtual assistants are trained to engage people coming to your site and will do the work of conversion for you.

This is what is included in LCS2. Of course, in addition to loads of information, secrets, and techniques on how to generate and convert leads.



· IT IS CREATED BY RENOWNED ENTREPRENEURS. Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels are both successful online marketers. This makes Lead Conversion Square a trustworthy and reliable program. Even if it has not been launched, we can say with certainty that the information and software offered in this program will be worth its price

· PROVEN STRATEGIES. This program was created by marketers who have massive experience in digital marketing. All the information and tools they have shared in LCS2 are a compilation of what they use in their marketing.

· IT SUITS ANY MARKETER. Every business is in need of leads, and this program teaches you how to generate leads and boost conversion. Therefore, no matter the niche you are in, LCS2 will benefit you in some way.

· YOU CAN PROFIT FROM THE SOFTWARE PROVIDED. The CRM software you will get after purchasing this program can help you generate leads, which you can sell to other relevant business.


– It has not been launched yet. This program is set to be launched on September 28. Its price, too, is yet to be announced. Once the price is out, give it a go if you can. It is most likely to be worth your time.


To sum our review, we can say that Lead Conversion Squared is a program that will help you generate hot leads and turn them into loyal customers. Every business is looking for leads, and you can become their go-to person by using the knowledge and tools offered in this program.

Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels are successful entrepreneurs who have made a name in the online world. They created this program so that everyone can learn about the strategies and techniques they use to scale their online businesses.

In other words, get LCS2 is a program that shares the strategies, tools, and techniques they have used to become successful online entrepreneurs. Therefore, to learn from their experience is definitely worth it.

To Get Started with LCS NOW just click the button below.


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  • Product Name: University Breaks the Internet
  • Creator: Justin Atlan & Clikbank
  • Price: $2.497 (or 3 Payments of $997)
  • Upsells: There are NO Upsells for this product. 
  • Where to buy? Access The Cart Page >>>  Click here To Secure Your Copy
  • Registration Closed.


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Hey Guys Alex here, just wanted to give a quick update about my journey with ClickBank Breaks the Internet product. (Screenshot of my CB Affiliate Account below) 

I bought the program at the beginning of October and just after a few weeks of being a member I started to see success.

I’ve implemented everything Justin taught inside CBU and my account started to get filled with high ticket commissions.

As you can see from the screenshot below I went from making $13 a week to over 7k  and the crazy part is for the first time in my life I have made over 4.5k in a single day.

I have to work 2 full months to make that type of income. My eyes are now opened and it’s time to scale this to the moon.

The results above are not typical and i’m not saying that you’ll see such great results because i don’t know how you’ll implement the training and use the software. But if you take massive action you too can see this type of results and why not even better. The sky is really the limit here.

CBU Overview

Whenever we talk of affiliate marketing, you will never miss a spot for the mighty ClickBank. It is among the biggest affiliate marketing marketplace on the internet. Indeed, if you have ever tried affiliate marketing, you will agree with me that it is quite a lucrative business venture. Nonetheless, joining and making good money is not a walk in the park either. You need to be equipped with the necessary skills to enjoy good returns.

So, what can you do to achieve success in affiliate marketing? One of the best options is to join a mentorship program to be equipped with the necessary skills. Fortunately, ClickBank offers one of the best training programs. It is known as ClickBank Breaks the Internet.

What is ClickBank Breaks the Internet?

ClickBank is simply an affiliate marketing program that helps individuals sell and promote products over the internet. Some of these products include software, eBooks, and online training programs. The program was founded in 1998 by Tim and Eileen Barber and has managed to attract more than 6 million clients. In an aim to diversify their operations, they introduced a new training course known as ClickBank breaks the internet. The program was designed to enable affiliates to maximize their profits in the affiliate marketplace.

Among some of the key benefits that affiliates get to enjoy in this program include unlimited access to the WebinarX software. Typically, the software helps affiliates promote their products and increase conversions for a significant amount as commission. Other benefits include webinar HQ platform and hosting, secret bonuses, expert interviews, ClickBank builder software, ClickBank market research, and many more.

Note: For a full in depth ClickBank Breaks the Internet Review head over to my blog  where i cover everything in detail.

Who is behind ClickBank Breaks the Internet

ClickBank Breaks the Internet was created by Justin Atlan. He is also the founder of Clickbank University (CBU). At the age of 18, Justin used to earn a full-time income through affiliate marketing on ClickBank before partnering with in 2014, where he created an educational training platform. Currently, the university trains over 20,000 digital entrepreneurs.

Note that all the training courses included in Click Bank University are all about affiliate marketing. Apart from that, trainees are also equipped with knowledge on how to create and sell their products.

Who should join the platform?

Although anyone can join the training program, it is ideal for individuals with prior experience and knowledge in affiliate marketing on ClickBank. The program features numerous tools and resources that are not only beginner-friendly but also says a lot about the program. Besides, experienced marketers can also find the program to be quite easy to use mainly due to its seamless mode of functionality as well as easy to follow step-by-step instructions.


If you are looking to venture into the affiliate marketing world, I highly recommend you try out Apart from being one of the best friendly platforms, learners get to enjoy numerous features, including live coaching from experienced marketers and exclusive access to insider secrets. The majority of their valuable resources ensure your success as an affiliate marketer is inevitable.

TheKiboCode.Com/Start Your Training Today With Aiden & Steve  

Hey Guys Aiden & Steve have opened the doors to The make sure that you START today because they will close the doors on 2nd of February or When All The 500 Memberships Spots are Sold.

If you wait you risk not getting in and you could miss out big time on this great opportunity. Hurry and follow the links below to lock your seat.

You will be working personally 1 on 1 with Aiden & Steve that’s why they are limiting the number of students that can join. Don’t Miss Out Start Today.

  • Product Name:
  • Developers: Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton
  • Price: $3.497 (Payment Plan Available)
  • Verdict: 100% Worth It. 
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The Kibo Code Overview

The Kibo Code Training is known as one of the best-ranked affiliate marketing courses online. This is not one of those courses where you pay and tag along for as long as you can before you lose the money, and, the interest. We are talking about 8 weeks of hands-on live training, where the course creators teach you how to apply the techniques they developed for you to learn how to become a top e-commerce expert.

The course is open for beginners, as well as experienced practitioners, as it teaches the basic online marketing skills in the first module. Learning from the best affiliate marketers of our time, who already made millions of dollars by using their custom-made methods, sounds promising. Apart from the training, you will be also eligible to receive the software, ready-made products, apps and the 24/7 live support enabling you to make sales in less than 48 hours.

What it truly revolutionary about this program is that the knowledge you gain through the 7 modules brings immediate profit, without you having to actually talk to the clients, or advertise through social networks. Let’s take a look at how you can best benefit from this money-making e-commerce strategy.

Masterminds behind Training

A famous digital marketer Steve Clayton and a self-made online marketing expert Aidan Booth joined the forces to create this unique business model. This is not their first online program, they have been helping aspiring marketers learn the lucrative tips and tricks through the Parallel Profit, 7 Figure Help and 100k Factory.

They share everything they know about affiliate marketing, focusing on dropshipping and ready-made products. Their program has produced more than thousands of satisfied clients who managed to increase their yearly income with the support of the Kibo Code Training.

They also offer a free online workshop for free, where you can learn everything about the training in detail, as well as how to earn more than $200 per hour by using their 7-phase action plan. Coming from a corporate background, Steve recognized the importance of proper training, which inspired him to bring a brilliantly structured approach to the business.

Together with Aidan, they offer extensive knowledge about physical product brands, small business marketing, e-commerce stores, and online consulting services, thus resulting in the Kibo Code Training program where they teach people how to boost their income by starting up a successful online venture.

What is Training?

Once you purchase the course and become a member, you will have access to the Kibo Code Training Area. There you will find the necessary information that will help you find the appropriate domain (and the best part is, you can get it for a song!). So, the idea is to create an online store and place physical items in the shop and then resell them by using the dropshipping method. You can easily start making a profit as the course allows you to focus on factual data and do the actual work, rather than going through Amazon, Facebook or investing in expensive marketing campaigns. After choosing the right domain, setting up the store won’t take you more than one minute, with ready-made website themes recommended by Steve and Aidan themselves.

Browsing through more than 3 million products is done through special software, where you get to chose, pick and import the items directly to your store. And now the fun part, how do you generate the traffic? Bing Shopping Ads, along with Google are the main traffic driving methods in the course. After launching your website, focus on the inexpensive click that can be turned into a direct profit, while at the same time, working on the website optimization and product-testing.

The bottom line is: someone will visit your website, pay in advance for the product, you will then contact the supplier who will, in turn, ship and deliver the product to the customer. The profit you make will depend on the amount you charge for the product in comparison to the supplier. What is truly great about this method is that you are not in charge of the inventory, which is often the most challenging part of keeping up a successful e-commerce website.

What are the 7 modules about?

Central Intelligence is the first component that serves as the foundation for the rest of the modules. Here you will get the insight into the Kibo Code course content, and learn how to set up a successful e-commerce store. The detailed guide and step-by-step instructions will help you start from scratch. By avoiding pricy investments and adhering to Steve and Aidan’s rules that made them millionaires, you will be able to earn money in 2 days.

StoreStorm is a software that makes the Kibo Code course so special. Landing a page through the StoreStorm program takes less than 1 minute, which is a valuable starting point for every website owner who struggles to set up his e-store. Apart from a professional-looking online store, you get to use the famous Theme X, which over 12 months of continuous testing, has proven to generate sales.

You also get access to 5 Hand-Picked Products that have the power to sky-rocket your profit, allowing you to cover the course expenses in a day. Steve and Aiden personally chose 5 unique products that would be most suitable and profitable for your business.

Profit Vault is a groundbreaking software program that enables you to find the best items for your store. What is special about this module is that the Kibo team will assist you in finding the next hot items that will generate sales. Some business owners spend years looking for that one special product, but here you get the opportunity to learn how to filter through and make the right decision.

Traffic Black Box is another search engine that enables you to discover what is going on behind the scenes. Unlike traditional advertising methods, the traffic black box helps you increase the traffic through the untapped traffic sources, enabling you to set up more effective strategies.

Oracle X is a software tool that will assist you with all the details regarding the e-store. You will be presented with the best domain options, high-quality logo designs, as well as automated store publishing tools. Oracle X gets the stuff done in a matter of minutes, instead of you spending hours setting up the website.

Another great thing about this program is that you get 1-year access to the Kibo Academy and the Kibo Code Community. You will be able to converse with fellow students as well as Steve and Aidan through emails and contact the help desk anytime. The reason they set up the community is to enable everyone to improve their e-business by asking more questions and getting more knowledge from their mentors.

Starting from this year, the Kibo Academy introduced one more surprise module, where you are handed a free all-access pass to the Kibo 2020. You will be invited to a gathering where you will have the opportunity to meet and work with other experts in the field. Connecting with other entrepreneurs and learning from highly acclaimed experts on a topic of successful e-commerce business strategies can kick-start your career and bring more profit. You will also have access to more advanced workshops, live recordings, and exclusive training.

Is this training for you? Should You Start With Today

The first thing that comes to mind is how easy it is to learn through the layout of this course. Steve and Aidan learned the best techniques through their ups-and-downs in the corporate world, and their extensive experience has enabled them to create straight-to-point course materials. Everything is already there waiting for you to make a final move.

You will have access to some of the best software programs that will significantly save your time and money. The course can be paid in 4 installments of $997 each, but what is great about this offer, is that they are willing to refund the money if after 30 days you don’t see the amazing results they are advocating for. Although it might seem pricy at first, think about the lifetime benefits of profiting from the income source. In only one month you will be able to test their theory and see the results for yourself, and if not satisfied, the Kibo Academy will happily refund the money.

The Kibo Code community is there to support you 24/7. You will be surrounded by experts and professionals who have already achieved what you have in mind. The founders of Kibo Academy are 100% convinced that their method works, and that is why they set up a community where course beginners like yourself can listen to success stories from more experienced marketers.

The business model is created in a way that it teaches you how to set goals and have the right mindset. That is something you can always use in all areas of your life, regardless of your career choice. You will have the tools, resources, bonus materials, and constant support on your way to success.

Join Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi live Free Training with Russell Brunson on April 30th

Register for Tony Robbins Free live Training where Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson will take part LIVE on april 30th by clicking the link below

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> FAQ video Must Watch (watch this video to get answers for your questions about kbb method)

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This is an event that you should be part of. It will be inspirational and educational. 27th FEB, 2020, 5:00 PM EST is the date reserved for this one of a kind webinar. The event will give you a chance to watch Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi live training. Besides, you will have a chance to listen to their words of wisdom. Definitely, you are not only going to be educated on entrepreneurship and success. It is important that you do not miss out on this event. You will be losing a chance of a lifetime.

There are convincing reasons why you should be part of this upcoming event. The Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi live event April 30th it is going to be very unique. Below is a tip of the iceberg concerning what you should expect.

Great Speakers

Be prepared to hear from some great speakers such as, Dean Graziosi & Tony Robbins and Russel Brunson. These are individuals who have experienced exemplary success in their fields.

Dean Graziosi is an experienced entrepreneur who is ready to inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs. This event will give you a chance to listen to his life-changing story. Definitely, you will be inspired by his story. You will get to view entrepreneurship as a viable business venture. Then you will be fed with important information on how to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs. Truth be told, you cannot afford to miss out on this chance.



Tony Robbins will be one of the hosts and keynote speakers. He is an experienced success coach and educator. This is an opportunity for you to learn about some of the traits and practices that will guarantee you success in life. It is an opportunity that you just cannot squander. Make sure you be part of the people who will be inspired and motivated to realize their potential and achieve success. Do not miss out!

Russell Brunson will also be part of this upcoming live event. He is a popular entrepreneur who has achieved a lot of success in the business world. Russell Brunson will be the guest during that event. It will be wise of you to learn from him on how to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship. Ensure you make the most out of this opportunity.

Great topics up for discussion

The event will be all about some important topics such as entrepreneurship and achieving success. This is an opportunity of a lifetime that you should be part of. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur this is a must attend the live event. Make sure you find enough time to learn from the best. Great speakers have been lined up to grace the event. These are the likes of Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins, and Dean Graziosi. The speakers have all witnessed success in one way or the other. Here is a chance to learn from them and get to know how things are done.

Definitely, you need a notebook for this life-changing event. This is because the topics to be addressed are very critical. They will be of much use to you. It is important you take down some notes that you can always refer to on your journey to success. Just don’t be part of the live event but also ensure you gain something from it. Be prepared.

Live Training

The event is expected to be a Free training session that will have some critical lessons. If you want to be a great entrepreneur then this is your event. Furthermore, if you are aiming for success then do not miss out on this live event. There is a lot to learn. You will receive significant training that will equip you with skills and knowledge on entrepreneurship and life success. Make sure you book your spot.


Not often do you get a chance to learn from the best. In fact, it is not even easy to engage some people who have achieved great success in their lives. Fortunately, here is a chance for you to be inspired and trained on matters related to entrepreneurship. In fact, you are getting a rare chance to engage some successful entrepreneurs. Do not ruin this opportunity. Make sure on 27th FEBRUARY 2020 you are part and parcel of the live chat. There is a lot for you to take.


Disclosure: I am an independent Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of or its parent company, LLC.
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The KBB Course Review Learn More About Business in This Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review

Don’t Miss Out On Another Year Of Dominating In Today’s Digital Economy. Enrollment In The KBB Course – PLUS 7 Incredible Bonuses

KBB 2.0 is Closing in:

Video Walk-through of the KBB Method Members Area:

When Napoleon Hill introduced his book “The Law of Success” in 1925, he did not know how powerful his formula would become. It was a true bestseller that showed people how to be more productive and more successful. The creators of a new formula for success have been aware of the methods that Napoleon Hill presented in his book.

Nowadays, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson combine their knowledge to give us something new and applicable in today’s market situation. Their Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a (KBB) method that shows individuals how to be part of the groups in order to create solutions for better business perspective.

What is Included KBB Course ?

In this Tony Robbins KBB course you can find real-time applications of proven and successful methods. What we call masterminds today are people who create effective solutions for business that struggle with sales expectations, growing options and expanding in the market. Every business has this struggle and not all of them are able to find the solutions. That is why programs like the Knowledge Broker Blueprint mean a lot for all the entrepreneurs. In this program, you will learn how to gather people around the subject and find the most adequate solution at the moment.

As part of the course, you get 4 powerful modules that represent a real asset in today’s business. You will find step-by-step actions that lead to a better orientation of your business. Let’s see more about these modules.

Module 1: Extract It

In the first module, Tony Robbins presents how he’s reached success with the methods he shows here. He will tell you what it takes to be successful and how long you will need to get there. Discovering the real tools that make the job done is the most important thing you will learn here.

These tools are applicable in most situations during your business events, even when these events are not as important as you think. Tony Robbins suggests that every single event is equally important and every gathering is a good opportunity to elevate your business perspective. With the tools and the specific agenda presented in this module, this business perspective can be more effective.

Module 2: Fill It

Once you extract the right tools and strategies, you must fill the empty space in your business operations. For this action, you will need to become a marketing expert. Not all of us are equally good at marketing, but when we have the right coach, everything becomes easier. Tony Robbins shows us how to become more effective at marketing and how to implement the strategies on social media platforms.

Apart from social media platforms, web pages are another place where you can create more presence. Anatomy of a sales page and other parts of the website is what makes a difference in today’s market. People are simply motivated by what they see, and web pages are the ideal presentation of your work. That is why the building of the right page can bring many rewards to one business.

Module 3: Run It

The perfect step-by-step process to running a great event is what you need the most. That’s why Tony Robbins explains the importance of logistics, communications, and location of the event. All of these segments are relevant to entrepreneurs who want to excel in their business. Event organization is better when you know the right strategy. Most of the times, you will need to prepare everything before launching the event so all the attendees can benefit from the gathering.

If you did your homework and prepared everything, you will be able to share your knowledge with others. Not only organizers of the event need to know about event management. Other employees should also know the basics of event structure if they want to be part of the process. Once you know the strategy, you can share it with others. That’s the power of the entire Knowledge Broker Blueprint course. Everyone can benefit from it.

Module 4: Knowledge Broker

After learning about all the methods presented in the course, you can see how it looks like to be a knowledge broker. The knowledge inside the modules is powerful enough to spread the message across different channels. Web pages, social media profiles, sales pages, and ads are effective enough to elevate your business. When you have the knowledge, you can effectively spread it all over the business channels.

Tony Robbins focuses on social proof tactics that usually bring results. A knowledge broker is someone who knows how to apply the relevant methods on everyday occasions. The more you learn, the more you know—that’s a fact. But, the more you implement, the more you realize. That’s another fact that actually brings results. Tony Robbins shows you how to do it.

What Will Change in Your Business?

By implementation of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint modules, entrepreneurs will see how a successful event can be a real asset in the business. Going through the modules will open a new perspective for business owners who want to learn new skills. Beside the KBB  course, you will be able to get a bonus software called the MindMint software. As part of this software, you can find out how to consolidate expenses, build a website and customize every event with the right tools. Solutions that you get will help you organize the best structure for leaving more impact on the market.

Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson collect their knowledge into one product. They do it with only one intention—to change businesses for better. Moreover, they do it for the purpose to change the business owners for better. Once they implement the knowledge in their everyday business, that starts to be a solid ground for a more interesting market. If we have more mastermind solutions, our visions will change and our businesses will exponentially grow. That is a true path to a more productive market where we have huge players that change the game in a fast manner. As a result, businesses will need more KBB  courses to stay competitive on the market.








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KBB Method – Most Asked Questions


KBB Method – Students Results Video

Student Testimonial Posts Form the KBB Private Facebook Group.

Frequently Asked Questions VIDEO

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KBB Review – Tony Robbins Dean Graziosi & Russell Brunson course and Mindmint software Worth it?

Frequently Asked Questions VIDEO

KBB Method – Students Results Video

Knowledge Business Blueprint email marketing is at the very heart of any successful internet business. If you don’t do any email marketing, you won’t have any way of gathering leads to sell your products or services to, you won’t be able to do any back end marketing, you won’t have a way to sell your services to individuals effectively, and you won’t have qualified individuals to sell to in order to get sales quickly.

A majority of people do email marketing in the completely wrong way. They end up following the advice of gurus and start to mail to their subscribers every day. This results in them getting many people unsubscribing from their list every day. It can get to the point where the rate of people unsubscribing is 1 out of 3 subscribers. Those are very poor statistics.

So here is some advice for you: don’t email every single day. Instead Knowledge Business Blueprint email every 3 to 4 days. That is plenty of time for them to miss hearing from you, but soon enough so that you will stay relevant for them. Here is a very important tip for you to follow if you would like to earn lots of money with your email marketing efforts. That’s the main thing I want to share with you here today. The following tip for earning money with your email marketing efforts is to:


Use Personalization

Many people online claim that email conversion rates are not boosted by personalization. These individuals say all you need to do is have them give you their email address, and then they will get your free offer. However, I disagree with this. In my opinion personalization makes a significant difference.

Whenever I have tested between email address and first name versus email only, the email address and first name has always made be more money. Other people have a different opinion, but that is what my personal experience is. Personalization makes subscribers fell like you care about them and want to get to know them. People are much more like to buy things from people they can trust.

It is true that offering email only will increase the number of leads you receive – however this won’t necessarily convert a higher amount of them than requiring a first name. Collecting email only can potentially create many different problems for you. For one thing you can end up with many fake email addresses, online robots can enter in email addresses, people have a tendency to unsubscribe at higher rates, etc.

You will definitely want to use personalization after you get your squeeze page set up or have an opt-in form on your blog or website. So you should always asks for an email address and the prospect’s first name. Some people will take this idea even further and ask for a phone number in addition to the email address and first name.

Most people are perfectly fine with submitting their email address and name, but many get thrown off by being asked for their phone number. It is definitely a good way of suppressing how many leads you receive. So unless you happen to have a very good reason for getting phone numbers, I definitely don’t recommend asking for it.

Tony Robbins Email marketing is an excellent way of boosting your online sales. Personalization is something that definitely can easily increase your conversion rate. However, don’t request too much information. Only do this if you are planning on sending your leads direct mail. Otherwise, keep things simple.

For an in depth KBB review head over to this site:

Best wishes with all of your Knowledge Business Blueprint email marketing efforts.

Email Marketing Strategies That Really Work

Email marketing is still immensely useful and widely used these days, especially for startups, smaller businesses, and entrepreneurs. The corresponding campaigns are immensely low cost means of promotion, they’re also able to be fit into pretty much any company’s budget. In the paragraphs below, you’ll find some useful email marketing strategies that can easily lead to significant sales growth.

Combining Tony Robbins Email With Social Media

1 – There’s no denying that Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson social media is one of the biggest power houses in the marketing world right now. As such, it seems the most natural thing in the world to combine it with email marketing to maximize your potential results. Platforms the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin offer plenty of opportunities for you to connect with prospective and existing customers. One of the best ways to benefit from this is to include all of your relevant social media links and network icons in all of your marketing emails.

2 – You should make sure to remind everyone on your email list that they can follow your social media profiles. Include offers for special offers and other incentives in order to help draw them in. Be sure to encourage following and subscribing on your social media networks as well. People often don’t think to do so until they’ve been reminded. You should also offer the likes of newsletters, e-books, and other information relevant to your business, site, or services.

The more engagement you have with your customers, the more they’ll be likely to stick around, and your overall customer base will continue to grow. Your diehard, loyal customers are perhaps one of the best resources you’ll ever have, so be sure to always keep them in mind as you move forward.

3 – Try to think of how your Knowledge Business Blueprint email marketing strategies can actually go viral. Everyone on your email list will be more likely to pass your content on to others if they find that there’s a particularly good deal to be had there, or some sort of genuinely useful information.

Because of this, you need to craft your emails carefully. Consider your target audience and do some research concerning what sort of content they tend to respond to the most positively. You can start by scoping out the websites of your competitors. If their customers are leaving comments, be sure to find out what they have to say!

Some examples of successfully viral emails are those that contain helpful tips, coupon codes, deals on exclusive items, big sales, contests and giveaways, and popular videos. As with subscribing on social media, it’s also useful to remind your email list that they can share by forwarding. It will also help greatly if you include some small incentive for doing so.

4 – Knowledge Business Blueprint Email testing can also help you figure out which of your marketing strategies are working for you. You can start by sending different emails at the same time and seeing which ones have the most open rates and generated sales. You can easily test the content by changing small aspects of the emails each time. This should allow you to gradually filter out anything that proves unhelpful towards your cause.

Testing out different subject lines is usually the best place to start. After all, the Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson title is essentially the first impression. You can send emails with the same content but different titles on two different occasions and easily see what style you need to use, because one will naturally have a higher open rate.

Marketing your Knowledge Business Blueprint business via email is one of the best ways to reach out to your existing customer base and expand even further. There are a lot of strategies to consider outside of mere text based messages, so get creative! It’s also important to experiment and change things little by little until you find what works. In time, your email list will be a marketing powerhouse that gives you nothing but amazing benefit after amazing benefit!


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